Firstly, Welcome to Seattle Builds Inc, you will love it here. To answer your question, yes, there are signs that you can use to detect whether it is time for a new siding. One of the most obvious signs as you inspect your home will be the appearance of fungi. You may also see space between the seams and mildew in areas on the siding. When you see moisture in your room or any part of the paint failure in your paint, then you should call a professional siding company like Seattle Builds Inc to help repair and install new and appropriate siding for your building.

Before You select any siding option for your home, We consider different things. We will look at the structure of your home, the restrictions in your neighborhood, and also your budget. We will also ensure that your desired effect for remodeling your house will be achieved. So, in retrospect, the siding option that looks great for your home will be based on the above and your needs and vision. We will always choose what is best for you that you can boast of for a long time.

This is not true, you should replace the moisture barrier when a new siding is being installed. This is because the old moisture barrier will be torn or worn out; therefore, it becomes susceptible even with a new siding. If you are looking for a siding to last long, you will need to replace the old mature barrier. Since The moisture barrier allows water vapor to pass through your house without allowing water to come in, it is highly important to replace the old mature barrier.

Although it is not extreme it may be noisy and dirty ,But this is what construction is, On the other hand Seattle builds will try to minimize noise and make sure your yard is clean and spotless after and during the project, Also in many cases we have a mobile toilet room onsite so no worker has to use your bathroom.

Since James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is one of our customers most popular solutions, we are regarded as the best in Seattle in proving this solution for many buildings. However, We offer other siding solutions to add aesthetic and structural value to your buildings. We offer wood, metal, engineered wood siding options. They all depend on your preference and how best they fit your home.

In most cases, You will have to paint the house for a complete look after the siding are installed and for better results it is better to paint right after siding is installed ,but it is also depends on the siding materials that will be used for your exterior walls. For example a metal siding will not need to be painted again, a cedar and or wood siding needs to painted or stained just as any other exterior wood materials.

We understand how much noise can be a turnoff for many homes; therefore, We offer insulation installation as part of our services during siding projects. customers can choose to install sound proofing insulation to minimize noises and to add insulation to your home for a better energy saving and a greener and cleaner environment.