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Seattle Builds, Inc. offers a premium installation, repair, and remodeling of the exterior of a wide cladding verity of homes in the Tukwila, WA Area. For us, 100% customer satisfaction is what we aspire towards; therefore, we have the finest professionals in Seattle handling your siding remodeling needs.


Cedar Siding Seattle

Cedar Siding

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Fiber Cement Siding Seattle

Fiber Cement Siding

Modern Siding Solutions for your home To begin with, Seattle Builds Inc offers quality fiber cement siding that properly represents the modern building style. You

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Metal Siding Seattle

Metal Siding

For instance, are you tired of using the old siding for your home? Then, you should probably consider metal siding. Many features will endear you

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Siding Repair Seattle

Siding Repair

Sidings of your home or business building adds a lot of aesthetic to its overall look. So it’s important that it is in the best

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Soffit Seattle


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Best Siding solution in Tukwila!

Have you tried to remodel your home without any meaningful solution? Are you still stuck on the old designs? Are you looking to transition and keep up with recent trends in construction?

Then Seattle Builds Inc offers a wide range of siding options that surpasses your imagination; Our goal is not just to provide siding solutions that will be short-term as we aim to proffer lasting solutions that add aesthetic value to your home.

Give your Building a new look!

Your business’s physical appearance needs to keep looking fresh to appeal to present and prospective customers because no one wants to do business with a company whose building does not match its reputation. Therefore, give your commercial building a makeover that appeals to all your business associates and customers.

With Seattle Builds Inc, we take what you have and turn it into a masterpiece. Our range of siding installation, repair, and remodeling makes it a must for your brand to get a better brand image that truly represents your reputation.

Wood Siding Seattle
For us, 100% customer satisfaction is what we aspire towards; therefore, we have the finest professionals in Tukwila handling your exterior remodeling needs, whether they include metal or wood siding.

We offer Technologically advanced building remodeling solutions

Seattle Build is in the business of providing absolute quality and premium siding services to the great people of Tukwila. Therefore, we offer James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology alongside premium products that ensure your remodeling dream does not only come alive but remains intact for many years to come.

With Seattle Builds Inc, you don’t have to worry about rotting; our technicians’ experience using James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology provides more fade resistance for many years.

Increase your Curb Appeal and reduce utility bills

Although you might want to consider a siding replacement because of the aesthetic value it brings, with a professional siding company, you can increase your curb appeal. Seattle Builds Inc offers a solid definition to the term “Insulation,” we ensure that the siding service we offer you will lower your energy bills.

So, with Seattle Builds Inc, you get the proper insulation all around the house, and you don’t have to pay exorbitant energy bills.


Seattle Build is a professional siding company, but we are a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about what we do . We are a professional siding company that offers premium siding services that ensure your building aesthetic value is heightened and you live a life free of any issues. We are as local as it gets; Seattle Builds Inc is passionate about everyone and will ensure that you are pleased with our results.

With that being said, we are big on customer service—our love for Tukwila slabs for many years. We are a group of individuals that want to take the structure of buildings in the city to the next level. Therefore, we ensure that your dreams of remodeling your house become a reality. We understand that people are looking for an improved appeal for their commercial buildings or a home that remains vibrant no matter the weather. Our number one priority is to ensure you are satisfied. With Seattle Builds Inc, you get even more than what you bargained for. Our job is to please you. Plus, we proffer the best solutions for any siding service that we want to provide. If your building deserves metal siding, we will not provide wood siding. We give you what you need! This makes us one of the best siding companies in the city.

Our pride in offering siding solutions to any building in the beautiful Emerald city stands on the license and certified status that hovers around our name. We are a licensed siding company with license No. SEATTB*804M2. We are a brand of professionals that have been in the building remodeling industry for many years and have gathered a lot of certifications that put us as the number one siding company in Tukwila.

What Do We Do?

Seattle Builds Inc offers a wide range of siding services that ensure that your home increases in value. Plus, your standard of living will improve due to the service that we offer the people of Tukwila. At Seattle Builds, we offer a siding service that ensures you don’t have to worry when severe weather conditions come in. So, you can be sure of premium siding repairs that ensure leakages and other forms of issues concerning any material, is repaired. We have experts in siding repairs, whether a storm or adverse heat has damaged your roofs. So, no matter what siding issue you have, call on us today; we will be with you within minutes to solve the problem. We understand how unsettling having a home with a leaking roof or a damaged vent is. Our experts can also help you remove debris and ensure ice dams are prevented with our solutions.

Sometimes, the side of your house can be subjected to rust or mildew, which is so bad that you may notice the issue when the damage has become so severe. However, with Seattle Builds Inc with you at all times, you can be sure that any form of siding repair and maintenance is taken care of by our experts. With effective siding repair services, you can be sure that the house’s aesthetic value will remain intact. 

Seattle Builds Inc offers a wide variety of siding options that ensure that your home is fitted with the best siding solutions available in Tukwila. Whether you think of the traditional horizontal siding or mix it up with board siding, we are more than capable. Our siding services are guaranteed to give your home a beautiful finish and ensure that the temperature all around the house is convenient for you no matter the weather. We hate to see you being affected by heat or storms; therefore, our products ensure proper insulation in every building area.


Locally Licensed Siding company

We relish the opportunity to work and provide building solutions to many houses in Tukwila, but alongside being a locally reputable brand, we are also fully licensed, with License No. SEATTB*804M2. This means that we will comply with all building codes and ensure you do not worry about unnecessary paperwork. Our experience in providing siding solutions to different buildings in Tukwila also ensures that we will guarantee you a perfect job.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our passion for Tukwila runs deep, and we exude this love through exceptional customer service regardless of the siding project that we have. Whatever your remodeling dream is, we ensure that we provide the best representation of what you have in your mind. Our goal is to ensure that you, your family, and your business will benefit from the impeccable solutions. Plus, we will give you the best solution and ensure you enjoy staying in your building for many years to come.

Quick Response Time

One of the reasons we are the best Siding company to call in Tukwila is our ability to navigate the areas in Tukwila quickly. We have quick turn around time because we understand how unpleasant and unsettling the siding issue can be, how it can affect your business and reduce the aesthetic value of your home. Therefore, we ensure that we are always on time and finish the job without intruding on your daily business or family activities.

Wide Variety of Siding Services

You want a siding company that can offer a plethora of siding services so that you have ample choices to make. As a result of our ability to provide different siding services to the people of Tukwila, we will also provide expert recommendations so you can enjoy comfort in your building.


Why not go for a company that has been here for a long time. You cannot do without experience; therefore, we have professionals with experience in different siding services, so you have an abundance of solutions to refurbish your home and establish your business image.

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Are you looking to bring your remodeling dream to life? Do you want to break free from siding issues for good? Do you find it hard to trust Siding companies in Tukwila?

These questions can be answered with two simple words, Seattle Builds Inc. We are a company that ensures your remodeling dreams come true while repairing any issue associated with siding.

Contact us and add more value to your building today!

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Seattle Builds Inc offers a premium installation, repair, and remodeling of the exterior of any kind of home in the Tukwila, WA. For us, 100% customer satisfaction is what we aspire towards; therefore, we have the finest professionals in Tukwila handling your exterior remodeling needs, whether they include metal or wood siding.

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